Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grandma Quilts

I have a quilt in my collection made by my Grandma Jasperson. Oh, how I love that quilt. It is yellow and has a kangaroo on it. I use to take it outside in the to lay on in the summer, it was always on my bed in the winter and I was generally cuddled up in it anytime I needed a cozy place to hang out.

When Hannah was born I was thrilled to find out that her grandmothers would be making her quilts as well. Jonathan received the same gift from them too. It's always fun to see what creative pattern they pick and what fun materials they find. I love it as much as the kids do. I can't get Hannah to give them up in the summer. I have to hide them so she doesn't get too hot.

I know they'll treasure theirs as much I treasure mine. Since their grandmas can't be here all the time I'm grateful they have a reminder of them. They have worked so hard on these quilts and now my kids have beautiful reminders of their grandmas. Thanks, Moms.
Jonathan's quilts

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Corrine said...

darling darling quilts!!