Monday, October 19, 2009


We just got home from a two week vacation to New York. We visited Grandma and Grandpa H. Never in all my life have I ever wanted to settle in the North East. I don't mind visiting but it was never the place I wanted to live, until now.

One day my mom, a friend and I were driving home after a wonderful kid free day of shopping and I was so caught up in the beauty of the drive. The air was full of the delicious scent of fallen leaves and chill but with a hint of warmth from the sun. Each time I went outside even though there weren't many apples around I could smell them and the decaying leaves. They are scents I love and cherish. I always have. It was wonderful. I love the fall. When I first moved away to Utah, I thing I missed most was the geese honking on their way south. I love a northeastern fall. It is an experience.

We had a wonderful trip and one thing I know is that I hate being is far away from family. I love my parents and my siblings so much and as we all have to face life, I find that more and more I wish that we could face it together, literally side by side. Maybe in my perfect world.


Sally said...

Wow, don't know how i got so behind on your blog, but cute pics/kids and great updates! I can't believe how grown-up your kids are, wow.

Sally said...

P.S. I miss fall, too :)

Halley said...

Oh Heather, we have fallen in love with the Northeast (good thing because we are staying) especially the fall. The fall out here is indeed an experience I will miss. We are taking it in as much as we can before we head further south. :-)