Thursday, January 14, 2010

Racoons, Opossums, and Skunks, oh my!

I've been running in the mornings for almost a year now, well eight months, and I see an amazing amount of wildlife. Sometimes it's scary. This morning I came across not one, but two skunks. Luckily they were going the opposite direction I was. The last time I saw one, I almost had a tomato bath when I got home.

Then, on my way home saw a little critter scurry across the road. At firt I thought it was cat or raccoon. We have no shortage of either one of those. It was a opossum though. I have always wanted to see one those, alive. They are really about as ugly as they are alive though the light was bad. Considering they are nocturnal though I don't think I'll ever get better light.

I kind of wish all of the critters knew that they should be back in their beds by 5:30 am, in time for me to get out of mine. Hopefully, I get to keep seeing them from a distance, a great distance.


Halley said...

possums are ugly! We had a lot of them in CA where I grew up. They are really mean, I had to fight one off with a broom. Good luck avoiding the critters and good job keeping up the running!

Marci said...

I always wished a had a dog to run with in Austin. Have you met the armidillo that lives in Terry Town? He followed me for a few blocks and it spooked me out.