Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life as it now stands.

Well Charlotte is 7 weeks old tomorrow. The last seven weeks have been pretty good. There have been a few long nights but really only about enough for one hand. There have been a few frantic moments as I try to figure how to keep the baby nursing, get the phone and get Jonathan off of something high and unstable all at the same time. I think I probably just stuck with nursing the baby. There have been a few nights of, "let's just get them to bed." All in all though, things are going really well.

Last week I ran a couple of times and while I was slower than molasses, I was outside running. Wahoo! It was so nice. The weather has cooled off and I love it. We've made cookies and candy for Christmas and we can't wait for that to get here. I have another sewing project I'd like to finish for Christmas but I think it might require more brain power than I can give it right now. I'm learning to take things as they come and live more on the, go with the flow side of life.

Charlotte is getting on a bit of a schedule. It fluctuates by about 30 minutes in either direction but pretty reasonable. She's smiling more and more everyday. I can almost get on on cue now. The kids love her and Hannah has become mini me where her brother and sister are concerned. Today I weighted Charlotte and she's about 11.2 lbs. She sure is growing. Monday we go in to the doctor and we'll see what the official measurement is.

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