Saturday, September 10, 2011


So, that is the last time I let Hyrum write a vacation blog post. I won't add a lot but I do want to say that Hannah has declared this, "the best family vacation ever." I am grateful for that because I found it hot, sweaty, and not very enjoyable. The great part is that my family had a great time.

The kids loved the water, the sand and all the interesting animals. I enjoyed the animals and the scenery, I just wish there had been shade and it wasn't blazing hot. The kids and Hyrum came away with 2nd degree sunburns. It was not pretty and we tried so hard to keep everyone sun-screened. It was a good thing we were only on the beach for one day. I'm not ready to go the beach again for a long time but I think we'll remember this as a good trip for a long time to come.


Editt said...

Ha ha! At first I thought you meant that Hyrum did said something he wasn't supposed to so thats why he wasn't going to post again BUT I'm guessing its really because thats your job :) I love reading whats going on. We need to chat sometime and let Jonathan and Eli be silly and skype while we do it. :)

Hyrum said...

Mission Accomplished.