Thursday, September 6, 2012

Great American Roatrip: Part 1

Here is an update on our summer adventures. 

Our summer started in Allen, Texas.  We left Austin for Allen right after school on May 30.  We were glad to get to Grandma's house and be some place comfortable. 

Hyrum left on Sunday for his last travel with UT and as a WANDisco employee.  The kids and I hung out in Allen and just hung out.  Spencer was so new I wasn't really looking to go out and do a bunch of things and the kids were content just to play in grandma and grandpa's back yard.  Hannah even went to play at a friend's house and had Emma over too.  I was a little bored but started a cloth napkin project that hopefully with be completed soon.

While in Allen, Hyrum's brother Brigham came home from his mission in Boston, MA.  It was nice to see Brigham.  Sarah also came home to see Brig and receive her endowment in the Dallas Temple.  Hyrum got to accompany her there and I was able to do some temple work with her later--the two hour endowment session was a little more than Spencer and I could handle. 

Sorry, no pictures.  Hyrum had the camera in Europe.  Here's what he saw:

The Swiss Alps

It was nice to have two weeks to regroup and get ready for our summer after finishing up in Austin.  

And then: 

Let the Craziness Commence.

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