Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Fun

On Sundays we have church this year from 11-2 am.  I like being a little more relaxed in the morning as we try to get everyone ready for church--though we almost always end up rushing anyway.  Because we get home at 2 I try and get dinner ready asap and we generally skip lunch.  The bonus is a little more time together in the evenings before we put the kids to bed. 

Hyrum started this puzzle on Christmas Eve and we are still working on it.  Tonight the kids decided they wanted to participate in puzzle time as well and brought up puzzle they had received for Christmas.  It was nice to be together talking with minimal fighting.  I

I have fond memories of playing games on Sundays and I look forward to when our kids are old enough to do that.  For now, puzzle time works. 

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Amanda said...

Spencer is so big! It's crazy! That looks like some serious puzzle time - 2500 pieces?! That would not last more than a couple of hours in our house! I love seeing your four kids working together at the end of the table though. Such cute little redheads! (Where's your team spirit, Jonathan?!)