Saturday, October 15, 2016

Our First Foray into the City

Today we ventured further than the grocery store.  Hyrum took us to some of the places he's been over the past several years while here on business.  We got off the tram at the Karlsplatz and wound our way to St. Michael's Kirche (kirche=church in German), Frauenkirkirche and onto the Marienplatz and a look at the famous clock tower and glockenspiel.  We popped into Peter's Kirche for a few minutes but there was a worship service going on and Ben wasn't cooperating with the call for silence : )

Karls Tor

I just loved the flower boxes.

We found catfish to play in, stones to climb on, wonderful musicians on every corner, pretzels, surfers and playgrounds.  It felt good to get out the apartment to do something besides grocery shopping.  We spent several hours in the Englischer Garten (English Garden), the largest urban park in the world.  It was so peaceful and green.  I forgot I was in the city.

This clarinetist was awesome. 

Catfish statue outside the hunting and fishing museum.

Fountain, pool thing near Peterskirche.  The kids loved the stones they could scramble on.

Hyrum shared historical information with us and I look forward to learning more.  My experience with Germany is largely what we learn in school about WWI and WWII but there so much more to the country than that.  Bavaria, the state Munich is in, has such a rich cultural heritage and I look forward to leaning more about it.

New City Hall at the Marienplatz.

This gentlemen was very good too.

This was probably our favorite musician.  He was playing water glasses, really well.

Surfers at the Englischer Garten.

Sunset from our apartment.

I forgot to add that people occasionally ask to take pictures of and with our family because of our hair color.  Today, we had a three oriental women each take turns posing with us.  The kids were totally wigged out but we smiles anyway.  Talk about cultural experience! 

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Reianna said...

I have been soo busy the last couple of weeks that I just caught up on your blog. I'm sorry it's been rough in Germany. While I am sure you will learn to appreciate all it has to offer I know you will love coming home too. Keep up the good work with homeschooling. I know you are doing an amazing job!