Sunday, December 11, 2016

Schwabing and Chinese Turm Christmas Markets

Friday we decided to head over to the Schwabing Christmas Market.   It has a reputation as an artsy market and it did not disappoint on that front.  We walked into the market on steps and a ramp flanked by a sculpture garden featuring sculptures of animals and other things for sale.  Some of them were really cool.

The sculptures and the market lights!

Hyrum gets up close and personal with this peacock sculpture.

There were a lot of these garden ornaments stuck in the planters around the market.

Every market has knit and woolen wear.  These stalls are so colorful and fun to look at.

Woolen cap stall

We saw a lot of jewelry, pottery, carvings and other interesting handmade crafts.  

I like these people.

Saturday, we decided to head over to the Chinese Turm at the Englischer Garten to check out that Christmas Market.  It was a beautiful day, much warmer than the previous weekend.  We saw several Santa Clauses and they were handing out chocolates to the kids.  Again, we enjoyed checking out the stalls, drinking kinderpunsch and enjoyed some pretzels.

The kids loved looking at the little ornaments.

After the Christmas Market, the kids floated sticks and leaves in the stream until our bus came. 

Poor Ben was so tired.  After I unbuckled the Ergo he slept like this
for several minutes until the other kids woke him up.

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