Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Croatia and our drive back to Munich

Croatia was one of the countries we had talked about visiting while we were in Europe and Tuesday we finally did it.  Sunday and Monday, we had sick kids we were hoping would recover and improve and thankfully they did so we spent a couple of hours driving to Opatija, Croatia, a few meandering down the Promenade, an hour at the playground and then a couple more driving back.  It was fun to check that off our list, the drive was gorgeous though I missed some of it.  The gorgeous views were obstructed by road barriers so I didn't get those pictures but I love the mountains.  I also loved looking at the Adriatic Sea. The view of mountains and sea all together, it doesn't get much better.

Maiden with Seagull, silhouette.

Maiden with Seagull--I couldn't decide which one i liked best.

Opatija is a resort town with magnificent hotels along the Promenade.

This morning we said goodbye to our hostess and new friend.  She was so great and patient with us.  She was a good friend to Charlotte and Spencer.  We are so thankful that she was willing to open her home to us for the past week.

We have a Slovenian grandma, now!

We were glad to make it safely back to Munich.  We spent nearly 6 hours driving from Ljubljana to Munich with a stop in Bled.  We went to the castle in Bled and admired the views there.  We continued on our way and eventually hit snow.  We spent about 3 hours driving through snow (when I say we, I mean Hyrum.  He does the driving, I do the sleeping).  It was pretty but we were glad to be done with it.

View of the Bled lake looking from the castle.

A view from the castle.

View of the first courtyard at Bled Castle from the rampart.

Part of our Alpine drive.

On Monday we took a drive.  This is sunset at Stari Grad outside Ljubljana.

More sunset and castle ruins from Monday.

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