Monday, July 11, 2011

Friday Walk

Friday, we decided to walk around the lake with some friends. Walking with six kids is not a speedy process especially when we only had four seats. We also started out with two bikes. We only have a trike for our kids so after about 5 minutes I quickly ran it back to the car. It didn't work very well.

The kids walked quite a bit and followed Ben as he rode his bike. It was fun. Reianna and I got to talk a little bit bit there were a lot of people on the trail. We stopped for a bit and fed the turtles, grackles, and pigeons. There weren't any ducks until we left and there were only two. Maybe they don't like the heat either.

We saw this turtle on the edge of the trail. It was fun to watch the kids get really excited. I don't the turtle was too excited to be the center of attention.

Charlotte and Sam were good sports just hanging out the strollers.

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