Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Day with Chickens and Goats

There is a family in our ward that keeps goats and chickens. She has offered several times in the past to let us come and see their operation, gather eggs, and milk the goats. We finally took her up on it as part of our Spring Break fun this year.

The kids and I donned our condemned shoes and play clothes and headed to "the farm." They love in a regular neighborhood so the kids were kind of surprised when we pulled up to the house with no signs of farm animals. We went out the back door and voila! There were the barnyard.

Hannah, of course was the first to notice the smell. We walked around and sure enough we got to collect eggs from the coop, most of them planted for the kids but a few fresh ones were there too. The kids fed the goats and chickens out of their hands, even Charlotte. Then we each took turns milking a goat. Not an easy task. Hannah was the most successful milker, even if it did go down her shirt sleeve.

Charlotte was pretty comfortable in my arms until we started the milking then she was ready to go. She liked chasing the chickens. Jonathan enjoyed petting the goats. Hannah just loved the whole experience. I'm glad we went, though I was really glad to get home and showered. Like my mom, I'm just not an animal person. Thanks, Paula for an adventure.

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