Sunday, March 4, 2012

Family Update

Well there isn't much to update. We're just waiting. We're waiting for Hyrum to finish his dissertation, waiting for the baby to come, waiting for Hannah to finish Kindergarten, waiting for grandparents to visit and waiting to leave Austin.

In some ways we wish time would slow just a little, like to give Hyrum a little more time to write. He is doing a great job though and is confident about finishing on time. In other ways, like getting this baby here, we are all pretty excited and ready for his arrival.

Life is going well. We're working hard on becoming more patient and more kind to one another. We're just trying to enjoy life as much as possible. We're getting really excited about our summer road trip plans. We're a little sad we won't get to see a lot of the people we wanted to but we're really excited about the neat stuff we'll get to see.

The kids are growing and changing everyday. Hannah is doing great at school. I am really proud of her. Jonathan is learning to be a big kid. He hinges on being a big kid sometimes and a little kid other times. He is really so great though. Charlotte is a sweet girl but the attitude is starting to assert itself. She has a wild streak in her and I think it may be a little hard to control.

It is a zoo, most days but we love being the zoo keepers. We just hold on tight and try to keep things as under control as we can. It's a wild ride though.


Tom Rod said...

It's not waiting--it's strategic inaction ;).

Editt said...

Waiting is fun! I'm glad things are going so well!