Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Home Evening

Every Monday night, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints set aside time together as a family, known as Family Home Evening (FHE).  Sometimes, this means in-depth discussion of doctrinal importance and family council but most often for us, it means a quick refresher or reminder of something we feel important--to get maximum impact in about 5 minutes.

Jonathan as Ammon, Charlotte as a servant and Abish, Hyrum as King Lamoni, Hannah as The Queen and a servant, Heather(not pictured) as narrator and Spencer (not pictured) as a lamb.

A couple weeks ago, Hannah was perusing the Friend and asked if we could preform a pageant for FHE.  It was about Ammon and King Lamoni (Alma 17:19-39, 18, 19) and their experience as Ammon enters Lamoni's court and is instrumental in converting him and his people to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I have always loved this story and our family had a good time acting out the story.  I hope the kids leaned something about standing up for what is right and working hard for the truth.

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