Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wrights, to the Rescue!

I mentioned napkins and painting beds but I've added a few other projects to my recent completions list.  Today I finished painting a desk for the girls' room.  I acquired it at a garage sale a few weeks ago and just painted it white.

Apparently Superheroes like to move, a lot, so I had a hard time getting them to stand still for a picture.

The other thing I finished were some capes.  The kids often tie their baby blankets around their necks in efforts to be superheroes.  Well, their knots don't stay tied very well and tying knots while making dinner gets a bit tedious so I decided I would make them capes they could put on themselves.  Several months ago I bought some fabric and in about a total of an hour and a half I had four capes made.  They were going to be Christmas presents but one day into summer I knew they needed something new and fun so I handed them out.  Hannah and Jonathan have been wearing theirs pretty regularly.  Jonathan occasionally sleeps with his on.  They were a hit and even Charlotte can put hers on by herself.  Now I have four superheroes running around my house--yes, Spencer has one too.


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