Sunday, January 12, 2014

November Changes

November started with a bang!  We had a Fall Fiesta with a bunch of friends.  I found a set of jack 'o lantern cookie cutters at the store so of course we had to have jack 'o lantern cookies.  Add bread bowls, chili, and caramel popcorn and we were happy.  The trees were changing and the anticipation of the holidays and snow filled our lives. 

Hyrum took this picture:

and then a week later took this one:

We got most of the leaves raked before the snow came.   The kids were happy to see snow again, Hyrum, not so much. 

The most exciting bit of the month involved a road trip to Texas.  We took Hannah out of school for a few days and drove the 18 hours to Teas and back.  In Texas we enjoyed time with the Hyrum's family.  We planned a day at the museum but unfortunately it was sold out all week because we were counting on our membership passes to a museum here and didn't want to pay for advance tickets.  It's on the bucket list for next time.  Instead of the museum, we went to the cattle drive in downtown Dallas. 

We decorated gingerbread houses, played with play dough, took naps on the awesome upstairs couch and completed so many projects.  I spent my time painting wood projects Lynette was nice enough to cut out for me including a turkey head and feather to put in a pumpkin next Thanksgiving and a Nativity set based on this one.  We enjoyed having Grandma join us on the way home as far as Columbus. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Face at Chic Fil A

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