Sunday, January 12, 2014

October Fun

I'm (Heather) way behind on this thing so I'm just going to do a monthly recap to catch us up.  The Fall was a whirlwind of travel and projects and holiday preparations. 

October started off the fun with a trip out West for me  Andrew, my younger brother was married in the Twin Falls Idaho Temple to Whitney.  It was a crazy, but fun, four day trip.  My siblings and I laughed, ate good food, I met my new sister and made new friends.  Whitney's family is one of the best I know.  It was a lot of driving but I was glad I was able to be with my brother on his special day. 

I was sitting in the Salt Lake City Airport on my way home from the wedding and called Hyrum just to check in before my flight left.  I was greeted by, "We're on our way to the Children's Hospital".  Spencer had fallen at a playground and Hyrum was taking him to get him stitched up.  Thankfully a friend was able to watch the other three kids and all was well when I got home that night.  Spencer did pop his stitches a couple days later.  I think next time I'll just glue him back together, both boys have popped their stitches shortly after being stitched up.

One of the most fun days of the month was Charlotte's birthday.  She turned three and is loving it though she is really anxious for five.  She thinks birthdays should come a lot faster than just once a year.  She really wanted cupcakes for dessert so Hannah made her cupcakes and frosted them.

I finally convinced Hyrum it was time to paint a room.  We painted our family room a lovely yellow color (much lighter in real life than the picture shows).  I love it and look forward to the next painting project, coming soon. 

I volunteered to help with food for the neighborhood Halloween party.  I hate store bought cookies so I volunteered to make all of them.  I made over 100 cookies and decorated them.  It was fun but a little chaotic. 

Hyrum and the kids did their traditional pumpkin carving.  Spencer was happy to get right in there.  The kids celebrated Halloween with the neighborhood costume parade and games and then a trunk or treat at the church.  We had so much candy it was insane.  They had fun though next year we need to find new costumes, these ones are getting a little small : )

Hyrum traveled a bit in October to Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands and England.  He is teaching engineering education classes for Google. 

Like I said, it was a busy month, but we made it through without any snow.  It's one measure of success I hold on to every Fall.

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