Friday, January 22, 2016

Let us be more gentle.

I've spent a few minute this morning catching up on friends and what's going on in their lives.  As I read through these stories of successes, failures, heartbreaks and joys I thought of my own experiences. 

This past year has been trying in my life as well.  For at least the 6 months following Ben's birth I struggled with Postpartum depression.  I've never experienced such darkness in my life before.  Through it all, probably only my husband recognized a bit of what was happening and he could only worry and offer help.  The problem with depression is that when you need help the most, you are least capable of asking for it. 

I am feeling much better these days.  I suspect I just needed time for hormones to get back into working order after having Ben but it has been a life-changing experience.

I say this only as a reminder (mostly to myself) to be gentle with people.  There is so much of life that happens behind closed doors both literally and figuratively as those of the heart.   I often find myself judging someones rudeness or absentmindedness when maybe they are hurting inside, or they have serious family matters on their mind.  Perhaps they are suffering a private loss of hopes and dreams.  I am trying to be a little kinder, smile a bit more and remember that we are all broken creatures. 

Healing comes through the Savior, Jesus Christ and that I believe and know with all my heart.