Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kid's Workshop

The first Saturday of the month Home Depot hosts a Kid's Workshop for kids to come and build something.  Over the past several years our family has made some pretty colorful creations.  This past Saturday was the day for March so I told the kid's we would go when their chores were done. 

They finished them up so off we went.  This was Spencer's first workshop experience and he loved it.  We arrived just as the first rush of people were finishing so we had to split up for seats and share hammers for a few minutes but pretty soon things cleared out and we just about had the place to ourselves.  I primarily helped Spencer by lining up his nails and getting them started, then he proudly hammered away until they were well hammered. 

The kids moved on to painting and came home with some beautiful wagons.  They have used them to take their stuffed animals for a ride, move wooden blocks all over the house and have wagon races. 
All home depot projects are not worth the time but these little wagon have been a pretty good source of fun this weekend.

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