Sunday, November 13, 2016

Paris--Church and Munich Bound

Sunday rolled around and we were ready to go "home".  Our trip was wonderful but we were full and ready for something more familiar.  We got up early and had a great phone call with Hyrum's sister as she hadn't gone to bed yet for the night.   She announced her engagement so that was a great way to start the day!  We cleaned up, finished packing our stuff back up and headed off to church.

Our stuff.
It looks like so much for only 5 days but then I remember, there are seven of us.

We went to church at a ward in Paris.  The language, French.  It was nice though because they have a pretty steady influx of English speakers so there was a separate room with a closed circuit tv set up so we could watch and they piped in the translation of the meeting.  Unfortunately, halfway through, the speakers stopped working so they handed out what headsets they had.  I ended up without a headset so I spent my sacrament meeting reading conference talks which was actually really great.  Sister McConkie's talk on prayer was stellar and something I needed reminding of.

Of course, Hyrum found a familiar face.
There were actually two people he knew at church!

We attended our meeting and then hurried to the train station to catch our train back to Munich.  We had to change trains in Stuttgart with only 8 minutes to do so.  We were a little nervous until we caught that last train.  Thankfully, though our train was late, the one we were catching was even later so we had plenty of time to board it.  Our kids are pretty good travelers but we'd all kind hit our limit Sunday evening by the time we had to change trains.  I was not looking forward to another 2 hours of "sit down", "don't touch her", "quiet down" and so on.  You can imagine our surprise and delight when we arrived at our reserved seats to find them in a private enclosed compartment.  Oh it relieved so much stress.  We ate dinner and then played a couple of hands of Uno and before we knew it, it was time to disembark.  We were so grateful for that little blessing.  It made all the difference in our trip that night.

It looks like chaos and it was, but it was our own chaos!

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