Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Paris--Montmartre Steps and the Sacre Couer

We took 5 days and headed to Paris.  The 5 1/2 hour train ride was long but uneventful.  We brought plenty of candy and cookies to pacify the older kids and Ben just liked running up and down the aisles.

After pulling into Paris, we dropped our bags in a locker at the train station and went to the Montmartre Steps and the Sacre Couer.  We had drilled the kids on the con artists found in places such as this so they were nervous but prepared when we found a few congregated on the steps.  I had Charlotte and Spencer by the hand and we just put our heads down and walked on up.  After we had passed them, one of the called out to Hyrum, asking of they were all his kids.  He sounded impressed.  It is really funny to see people's reactions when they realize the seven of us belong together.  We made our way up the steps which were, by far, the easiest climb we would make the entire time in Paris.  We occasionally turned to check out the Parisian skyline as we climbed higher up the steps.

At the top, the Sacre Couer loomed large and beautiful above us.  We weren't able to take pictures inside the church but it was lovely.  We enjoyed a short walk around the interior and then went back outside.  We wandered to the artist plaza but due to the cold and rain there were only a few people out.  We made our way back down the hill and the kids really wanted to play at a playground so we stopped at the play set at the bottom of the steps.  After a warning that things would be slippery and to be careful, followed several slips and many tears we decided it was time to head to our apartment for our time there.

We arrived without any problems and quickly got settled in.  I hurried to the grocery store and to pick up food for the next few days.  I'm happy to say I didn't experience any anxiety this time.  One foreign language is just about like any other at this point in time.  I must say though, that as time went on I could read more French that I had anticipated.  It was a happy surprise.

We used Airbnb to find a small apartment that would provide enough beds.  The kitchen was tiny and we only had a microwave and a stove top for cooking.  The boys shared a room, the girls slept in the living area/kitchen/dining area and then Hyrum and I had a room.  It was tight but worked great for our time in Paris.

We had made it and we were looking forward to the next few days with a bit of trepidation and anticipation.

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