Friday, August 28, 2009


It's about a quarter of ten in the evening, and I'm sitting in my hotel room, listening to the rain fall from the Dutch sky. It's one of those surreal moments at the end of a trip where I wonder if I've done everything I needed and wanted to do, and also wonder when I'll be back. As I listen to the thunder roll, and hear the occasional tram bell, I can't help but think that this trip has been much better than I anticipated.

The rain's coming down harder now.

Amsterdam offers quite a juxtaposition. The old-world buildings and charm, stand right beside new-world modernity and vices. A small city by most measures, yet rich in history and experiences. I expected to find a place where I'd feel uncomfortable, yet by exercising caution, I was able to stay away from the ill, and enjoy the better parts of the city. I've already thought a few times about what I want to do the next time I come, and what I want to see more.

My visit to Holland has been largely successful, and I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to come. So tomorrow, as I climb aboard a plane and soar across deep blue Atlantic, there won't be any regrets, just an excitement to go home to wife and children, and a certain understanding that I haven't seen the last of this part of Europe.

The storm is letting up.


Katerina said...

We loved our visit of Amsterdam, too, and hope to go back someday. Rain is what I remember best from living there as a nanny, though the most vivid memory is of people riding their bikes everywhere, rain or shine. What was the purpose of your trip?

Hyrum said...

The weather this past week has been quite lovely, actually; the only large rainstorm was this evening. I was attending an academic conference on software engineering, ESEC/FSE. And yes, there were bicycles everywhere! (Next time I come, I want to rent one so I can fit right in with the Dutch.)

Sally said...

How fun! I was going to ask why you were there, as well, but then I read your comment :)

Heather--I'm coming to see you!! When are you free? I was thinking about Labor Day weekend, but the traffic might be crazy with people trying to get outta any ideas?