Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fast Sunday

For members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the first Sunday of the month provides an opportunity to fast or go without food for two meals. Elder L. Tom Perry described the purpose of the law of the fast as this, "The law of the fast has three great purposes. First, it provides assistance to the needy through the contribution of fast offerings, consisting of the value of meals from which we abstain. Second, a fast is beneficial to us physically. Third, it is to increase humility and spirituality on the part of each individual."

Today I had the opportunity to fast for the first time in over a year due to my pregnancy and nursing Jonathan. I feel impressed to share my small testimony of this law. We are asked to fast with a purpose and today in my fast I have felt my purpose heard by the Lord and his help given to me. I feel like those purposes Elder Perry mentioned have been a part of my life today. I look forward to continuing this practice in my life as I strive to come close to my Father in Heaven. I know that there is power in fasting. It helps me see what the Lord sees within me and for my life. It helps me become aware of changes that need to be made and also helps me find hope for tomorrow. I am grateful that Heavenly Father has given me tools to come closer to him in this life.

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Sally said...

Thanks for the bit of spiritual uplifting - good reminders of many things. :)
I hope we see you soon!