Saturday, May 2, 2009

What does our garden grow?

We spent a bit of time working in the garden again this morning. The carrots needed thinning, and weeds were starting to invade the periphery, so we took the kids out and spent a very muggy couple of hours hoeing and weeding.

Hannah in front of our tomatoes and corn

We've got blossoms on the cucumbers, tomatoes and beans, along with a few tiny beans already developing. The carrots we thinned were actually large enough that we'll enjoy them for dinner tomorrow night, and I suspect we'll be eating beans in a couple of weeks, at the latest. I hope with all of our travel this summer, we'll be around at the right time for the tomatoes and corn to come on.


By the end of the morning, Jonathan was ready to come in, but Hannah and Heather had had some fun with the hose. I enjoyed playing with the macro features on our digital camera, though I'm still looking for a "manual focus" button.

Tomato blossoms

Beans and blossoms

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Amanda said...

Wow, you guys are pretty awesome for doing this! Now comes the fun part where you get to see the results of all your hard work.