Monday, May 18, 2009

Name That Mountain

Yesterday, I was flying from Dallas to Vancouver, BC for ICSE 31. The past few days have been pretty crummy, weather-wise, but that meant that a high pressure system had moved over the western United States. Such systems are usually clear and dry, and this was no exception. Even though I have long legs, I usually fold myself into the window seat, just so I can get the a good view. As an additional bonus, on this trip, I was taking an afternoon flight, instead of an evening one, so the lighting was perfect for some great views.

I took the following pictures from my window seat; let's see if you can identify the mountains.

The first picture is of the High Uintas, a mountain range in eastern Utah. I spent a few days backpacking in that range several years ago, but not in that much snow!

The second image has Mount Rainier in the foreground, but I'm not sure of the 3 mountains in the background. I think they are Mts. Hood, Baker and St. Helens, but I'm not completely sure. Anybody care to enlighten me?

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