Monday, September 26, 2016

Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk

Our first Saturday here was beautiful.  We decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go for a walk.  Bray is the nearest town of decent size and sit right on the eastern coast of Ireland.  South of Bray is Greystones.  The two towns are connected along the coast by the Bray Head Cliff Walk.  The trail follows the coast just above the rail line.  It's fairly flat and even making for a good walk for old and young.  The trail itself is just over 4 miles but with our walk to the bus stop, from the stop in Bray to the trail head and then from the end of the walk to the rail station Bray we added another mile.  We spent most of the day on the adventure though the actual walk only took 2.5-3 hours.

The Promenade in Bray headed towards Bray Head and the Cliff Walk.

Those waves were mesmerizing.

Bray is an old Victorian resort town.  It still has that kind of air.

We started with the sun in our eyes and a bit of a cool breeze.  Bray Head was straight ahead as we walked the down Promenade.  It loomed before us great and green.  The sound of the waves called us on as we walked to the trail.  We spent a few minutes watching a sea gull bob on the water.  The kids thought it was quite silly.  The views of the ocean along the trail were beautiful.  It was really hard to get good pictures since the sun was in our eyes.  I hope to get down there again in the afternoon when the light is a bit more favorable.  As we walked, we occasionally heard the train rumble by.  Spencer was fascinated by the "train-track tunnels" and loved pointing them out whenever the wall dipped below his eye line.

Looking back towards Bray from the trail.

As we walked into Greystones, we passed a marina.  Jonathan loved watching the boats but Hyrum and I were happy to see again our helper from the train station in Bray.  We formerly introduced ourselves to George and his wife ans spent a few minutes talking to them.  It was a wonderfully unique opportunity to thank this kind man.  They are lovely people and I am so glad we ran into them.  It was a fun day together as a family and a fun way to explore and get a taste of Ireland.

Coming into Greystones.

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