Thursday, September 1, 2016

Westminster Abbey

I've been to a lot of churches but none where I knew so many names.  Between the historical, literary, and scientific persons buried there, one would only need to walk through those halls to get a pretty good education.  We saw grave markers for Charles Darwin, Issac Newton, Edmond Halley, William Shakespeare, Lord Byron, D.H. Lawrence, George Fredrick Handel, Kings and Queens of England, Oliver Cromwell's original resting place before being posthumously "executed" as a traitor and so many others.  The stonework is ornate and beautiful.  Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures while actually in the Abbey.

The kids got booklets to keep them busy looking for answers as we walked around the Abbey.  They counted flags, and read plaques.  All to get a chocolate coin for a prize.  They did a pretty good job.  Hannah and Jonathan were quite focused.  Hyrum and I could have spent all day gazing in wonder at the architecture and reading all of the engravings.   We even saw England oldest wooden door there dating back to the Norman Conquest.  The kids did spend a few minutes making poppies with a volunteer.

Pleased as poppies!!

After completing their booklets, the kids joined Hyrum in the queue to get their chocolate coins.  They were do disappointed when the teller gave them a choice of silver or black pencils.  Talk about disappointment.  We got over it though and went for a short walk through St. James Park to feed the waterfowl.   We said goodbye to Hyrum as he was headed to California and went home.  For the first time in days Ben had a decent nap and we were able to focus on school work for the older kids.  It was nice to take it easy for a bit.

View of Buckingham Palace from St. James Park

I'm sure was saying something very important but I wanted a picture of the lane.  Fall is coming to London.

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