Monday, September 26, 2016


Charlotte and I took a walk the day after we arrived.
The countryside is beautiful.  

Thinking about going abroad and living there used to seem so glamorous and exciting.  I must say that London fit that idea simply because there is so much to do and see and it's free!  We were going and going everyday enjoying that vibrant and lively city.  Since leaving London and arriving in Ireland, I feel like we've had a real dose of living life here in Ireland and by extension, Europe.

Strangely enough ; ) living here is just like living at home.  I do laundry most days, I bake bread everyday, mostly because the store is too far away to go often.  I worry about clean bathrooms and three good meals a day.  We also spend a couple of hours on school work as well.  The kids color pictures, read books, help with the dishwasher and other chores, and run around outside.

One for breakfast and one for lunch.

Spencer did get fiberglass wrapped around his plaster cast
and it comes off in a few days!!

Don't get me wrong, the scenery is lovely and we are enjoying this "holiday".  We are living about 15 miles from Dublin but it is quite out of the way.  Our cottage is west of a small town called Enniskerry.  Our plan was to utilize the bus system to get into Bray, where there are grocery stores, a playground and the Church.

Cliff Walk between Bray and Greystones, it follows the coast.

As we got more information and prepared to arrive, we learned that the bus comes to our stop about once an hour and doesn't start running until after church starts on Sundays.  In addition to that, the Dublin Bus drivers union has been in the middle of a wage war causing several days of strikes throughout the past two weeks.  Our misplaced reliance on the bus meant that the kids and I have been home bound.  Hyrum has found it difficult getting to work, walking five miles one morning to the train station to get to his office.
After our first Sunday, we decided that it would be prudent to rent a car on weekends both to facilitate getting church as well as being free to explore the area a bit more on Saturdays.

Sunrise on Hyrum's walk into work.

After London, I thought I would relish the peace, quiet and solitude.  It has been more challenging than I anticipated.  It has been lonely and we are all dealing with a bit of cabin fever.

We met some new friends at church the first Sunday.  They brought some extra toys and coloring supplies over.  They have been really supportive over the past couple of weeks, bringing things over, helping me attend a church meeting and just generally being around for us.  It has made a big difference.  We're spending some with them on Sunday but, it's sad to make new friends and have to say Goodbye so soon.  The church has generally so supportive and kind while we've been here.  I write more on that later though.

Kayla is a great lady!  Kindred spirits.

Homeschooling has been very challenging.  I keep telling myself it will get better and it is important.  I don't think I could ever do it full time.  I tip my hat to homeschooling mothers who are really teaching their kids.  It's a hard job especially when you have children of different ages and abilities.

All that being said, the time in Ireland has flown by.  We have a week left in this cottage before we start our tour of Ireland.  We're hurrying trying to get in the last few things we want to do and see.  It should be a good week.  

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Reianna said...

Oh Heather! I can't imagine being there and having those two conflicting feelings. Excitement about being in a foreign place and sadness of being in in a foreign place. I can see how both would take turns being overwhelming. And especially for the kids...they don't care too much about Ireland do they? You are doing such an amazing job and I am so impressed with your attention to the details of your trip. You are an amazing mother and teacher for your kids!