Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jubilee Tower and Moel Famau

Our last stop in Wales was this great place on the edge of the Shropshire Hills, another Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.   After getting settled in, our host told us about hike and playground not very far away.  The large hill is known as Moel Famau.  We took a trail from the playground area and walked up the mountain through heather and other plants.  It was pretty even for a while and then went sharp uphill.  In addition to the up hill we came into intense wind.   The kids were troopers though as we finished our climb up the hill.

On top of the hill sits The Jubilee Tower, a monument begun in 1810 to commemorate the golden jubilee of George III.  It was not completed and eventually ruined over time.  The older kids enjoyed checking out the views.  The views were amazing.  From the top of that hill you can see most of Wales, and into England.  

We ate a snack and then made our way back down the hill by another trail.  The trail back down wound through a sheep pasture though we didn't meet any near the trail.  The weather was overcast and windy but a good temperature for hiking.

After our hike we enjoyed lunch and then the kids quickly ran off to play.  The playground was bird themed.  There was a large swing that was like a large nest as well as a set of tunnels that also lead to nest-like tree forts. We enjoyed a few hours playing and them back to our house so I could get things packed up and ready to go the next day.

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