Friday, September 30, 2016

Dublin City

After nearly two weeks in Ireland, we made it back for a real visit to Dublin.  We made our way through the little villages between here and there to return the car we'd had over the weekend.  It was quite funny because as we approached the city the car filled with the smell of garlic.  I thought maybe Ben had smuggled the minced garlic in his pockets but no, when we got out of the car, there was the smell.  It is just part of Dublin.

We wandered up and down streets.  We visit a kitschy souvenir shop for our requisite patch and fridge magnet as well as postcards.  Our next stop was the Post Office that played center stage in the Easter Rising in 1916 .  For 5 days the Rebellion leaders were under siege there before they were martyred for their cause.  Afterwards, we walked up the street to the memorial garden.  Together these sights were a wonderful testament to the cause for freedom wherever in the world they happen.

We went through the shopping district picking up some fruit as we went.  Then we crossed the River at the Ha'penny Bridge, it is a little foot bridge that was built in 1816.  There was a toll of a ha'penny to cross it hence the name.

We walked down to Trinity College where we went to the Book of Kells Exhibition.  The exhibition was a bit crowed and it was hard to see the exhibition with the kids. The Book of Kells is amazing though.  I love the artistry of the monks copying these sacred texts.  They had such regard for the things they were copying they took long hours to decorate these pages with intricate designs and great symbolism.  After looking at the Book of Kells we went to the old section of the Trinity College Library.  It was amazing.  Tall columns and rows and rows of books.  I wish I had a room such as that and time enough to read even half of them.  It was a lovely sight.

After our stop there we headed to the luggage store to replace one of our suitcases that died on our way here.  Then we were off to the park for a bit.  The kids quickly discovered the playground and had a great time running and playing out some energy.   Then we took an hour bus trip back to Enniskerry.  There we decided to grab some dinner at a little cafe called Poppies.  The food was tasty and they were good to get to us quickly so we didn't miss our bus out to our cottage.

It was nice to get out of the cottage and spend a day seeing city.  The weather was nice, warm and bright.  It was a good day in a nice city.

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