Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Peppers and Tomatoes

I seem to be posting a fair amount of content relating to our garden. My apologies if that is to the neglect of more weightier topics.

Tomatoes and PeppersWe recently had the first harvest of tomatoes from our garden. This year, I've got to varieties in the ground, Early Girl Bush, and Brandywine. The Early Girl lives up to its name, our bushes are about 3 feet tall, and showing lots of fruit. I haven't done much pruning (partly because I'm new to this whole thing), so the bush has grown large, and is beginning to bear.

The Brandywine has grown up and over the top of the metal cage, and back down the ground, but we're starting to see fruit on it as well. Hopefully the heat won't kill the plants before we get back from our summer vacation.

Our pepper plants, California Wonder variety for those keeping score at home, as also doing well. I've picked a few peppers, probably a little early, but I want to get them before the bugs do. They should survive the hot Texas summer just fine.

We also managed to pick and eat some of the corn left standing after the series of storms that came through. Not as big of a harvest as I would have liked, but we'll try a second planting this fall and see if we can't manage to get a few more ears.