Sunday, April 26, 2015

Three years

We recently celebrated Spencer's birthday. 

About two and a half weeks ago we received a package from grandma, containing his birthday presents.  For several days,  every time I turned around he asked it he could open his presents.  I finally put them in my closet, out of sight.  He was so happy when the day finally arrived with more presents coming out of the closet than he remembered going in.  He's been talking about monster trucks for days so, he received a monster truck, a homemade car from Hyrum and I, some clothes, balls and a shape puzzle game.  He also had a monster truck cake.  I think the big wheels made it.
His day finished up with an all-expense paid trip to the ER for three stitches on his third birthday.  

Spencer brings such joy to our lives.  He is silly and oh so cute.  He has stolen all of our hearts and though as his body grows, so does the stubborn streak,  we love him.  He insists on giving everyone a hug and kiss before he can take a nap or go to bed.  He still cries a lot if I leave home without him.  Spencer loves his Nutbrown Hare, named Bunny-man.  He and Charlotte are best friends.