Monday, June 18, 2012

Great American (and Canadian) Roadtrip

This summer we're moving to Pittsburgh.  While we could just fly the entire family, road tripping seemed like a decent alternative and more fitting with the Wright Way of doing things.  From Austin to Pittsburgh it is 1,419 miles, which would take 2-3 days at our usual rate.

But you know, if we're going to go on a road trip, let's go on a road trip.

We're probably the only family in the country which thinks the most direct route between Austin and Pittsburgh goes through Utah and Canada.  The trip we're planning on taking will last most of a month, and include stops at various friends and family, along with several state and national parks.  Some of the sights include:
The beauty of the trip is that we can be flexible enough that plans can change if we want to make better time, don't feel like doing something, or just want to get to Pittsburgh.  This trip will clock in at just under 5,000 miles.  I think our investment in the America the Beautiful pass for this summer will pay off.  (Although, unfortunately, it only covers entrance fees, not user fees.)