Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall activites

This year the kids expressed some interest in playing soccer so every Saturday we join hundreds of other families and enjoy a couple of hours of soccer.  The kids are learning and loving the game.  This weekend we spent Hannah's game in the rain and cold but by the time Jonathan started, the clouds had moved on and we were toasty. 

Trying to stay warm and dry.

Go Hannah!

Watching the ball.

Jonathan is all ready to attack.

He scored!

Mr. J's Day

Birthday Boy
Jonathan had a birthday.  He had a good day with some presents in the morning and getting ready for birthday celebration that night.  Grandma and Grandpa were able to join us that night for more presents and some cake.  Jonathan was pretty floored about his cake before I cut into it and went a little crazy after he saw the inside.  Thankfully it tasted as good as it looked.  Happy birthday, Mr J.
So silly.

Six layer of rainbow goodness, a couple layers of milk chocolate fudge too.  Yumm!

Go Bucs!

Ready to cheer on the Pirates.
I really like the view from the stadium
One of the things we enjoy doing is cheering on the Pirates.  This year we once again took the whole crew to a game.  There are a few games every year that start at 4 pm making it possible for the little kids to get a little nap and everyone to get to bed at a decent hour afterwards. 

Just because I love her.

This year the Bucs even won.  The kids enjoyed the celebratory fireworks at the end.  We're not sure if the kids enjoy the junk food we take or the baseball game more but it is a fun outing for the whole family.

It was a little warm.

Happy to be here.

The girls.

First Day

First day of school for Hannah (3) and Jonathan (K)

This year marked another beginning.  Jonathan had his first day of school along with Hannah.  Hannah was really excited to go back to school.  I think she has missed her friends though it was great to have her home with us this summer.  Jonathan started kindergarten and, though a little anxious, I think he had a great day. 

Waiting for the bus

Jonathan outside the kindergarten playground.

Backbone Mountain Expedition

A few weeks ago Hyrum, Hannah, Jonathan, and Charlotte went on a hike to Backbone Mountain, the highest point of Maryland.  It was a two mile hike that took them through West Virginia into Maryland and up the hill.  Hyrum packed a lunch and they headed out around 8 am.  They had a great time and apparently there wasn't too much crying along the way. 

Hopefully we can gt a more comprehensive trip write up one day.

King of the mountain.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Birthday and Baptism

Birthday Party Cake

This year is a big year for Hannah.  She turned 8 and while this may not be a big deal to many, for us this means the first major spiritual decision for her.  For people participating in worship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the age of 8 signals accountability to God for our choices and actions.  An eight year old, who has been raised in the Church, can be baptized and confirmed a member of the Church following an interview with their bishop to confirm their worthiness, and of course their choice to do so. 

Crafting, Hannah's favorite pastime.

The celebrating started a week before her birthday with a party for Hannah and her friends.  We crafted, played with water balloons, ate cake and ice cream, opened presents and had a dance party with glow sticks.  Hannah had a good time and so did her friends.  It was a fun way to start off the week long celebration.

Glow Stick Dance Party

The next event was her actual birthday.  I made a cake for her party and Hannah decided she wanted to share a cake with her grandparents so her birthday was a little small.  We opened a few presents and she had her favorite dinner, tacos, that night.  It was nice to spend a day celebrating Hannah as a family.

Her Day!

A few days later her grandparents arrived and the real reason for celebration occurred.  Over the past several months and years we've been taking great care to teach and help Hannah understand those covenants she would be making if she chose to be baptized.  She was baptized with her family, grandparents and friends in attendance.  We had a small luncheon at our house afterwards and enjoyed visiting as a family and enjoying our company. 

Baptism picture

It was a busy weekend but so worth it.  I am really proud of Hannah and the choice she made to be baptized.  She is a great girl and continues to demonstrate a desire to what's right.  She is still learning but she also has faith in the Atonement and the healing and changing power that brings.  Happy Birthday, my girl!

The family on baptism day.

Blowing out candles for the second time.

Hannah in her fancy new dress.  Happy birthday, Little Bug!