Wednesday, March 13, 2013


A couple weeks ago, Hyrum and I took a little trip.  We traveled back to Austin for five days.  Hyrum went on business and I went to play.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa H.  I went childless.  The weather was sunny albeit a little chilly with the wind but it was so nice to see sun and feel it's warmth on occasion. I unfortunately only took one picture the whole time and it was terrible, so there are no photos but I promise we were there. 

We left on Moday, February 25th and had an uneventful flight to Dallas.  However, shortly into our flight from Pittsburgh to Dallas, we found out we'd been grounded for our flight from Dallas to Austin.  We have made the drive so many times over the past six years we decided that driving the 3 1/2 hours to Austin was way better than sitting in the airport for 9 hours.   It ended up being a really good decision since they ended up cancelling the flight we'd been re-booked to anyway.  We were able to enjoy a great lunch with Hyrum's mom and then headed to Austin where we enjoyed dinner with good friends.

The week was pretty much spent shopping--such a different expereince without three or four kids in tow--, eating tasty food, sitting on Reianna's couch and just enjoying a break.  We did a lot of reminiscing and we are thankful to have seen so many good friends.  Friday we were homeward bound after a stop at the university.  Thankfully we didn't have any problems this time.  We found all well at home and we glad to be back in our own space.

 It was a great trip and in a lot of ways brought some closure to moving.  While there are a lot of things that haven't changed, they will soon and if nothing else, we've changed a little.  It was also good to reminisce and realize what a special place Austin will hold in our hearts as we remember great friends and great times for our family.