Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cave Without a Name

A couple weeks ago we decided it had been a while since our last Family Adventure. So, we found ourselves on the road to The Cave Without a Name. I was a little nervous to take our children to a cave where there would be limited light and echoing spaces.We had a good time though. It was a couple hours away so with Hannah's help we bought some fun food and prepared our picnic lunch. We arrived at the cave and hastily ate our lunch. We went down in the cave and on our way down the guide pointed out this little guy: It is a very tiny bat, about the size of Hannah's fist. We saw a few more down in the cave but luckily they were happily sleeping and oblivious to our noise.

It was really pretty and we enjoyed most of the experience. Jonathan wasn't very happy about being stuck in the kid backpack so about 2/3 of the way through the tour I just carried him. He weighs about 30 lbs or more so it wasn't the most fun but he was a lot happier and quieter.

Hannah enjoyed the experience and she did really well when they turned off all the lights and had us sit in the pitch black for a few minutes. She may deny that she liked it if asked but she really thought it was pretty neat.

I love caves so besides the crazy humidity and the slightly wet conditions--it had rained a lot recently--it was a nice Family Adventure.

General Update

I wish I could tell you something exciting has been happening to explain my absence from the blogging world. Something big like traveling the world, alien abduction, or some fabulous project keeping me really busy but alas, it's only due to my lack of organization lately.

There are so many pictures I want to share and so many little stories that I think about adding through my day but by the time I have to time/energy to put them up here a lot of the time I have forgotten what they were. So, I apologize.

We are doing well though. We are anxiously getting ready for a visit from Grandma and Grandpa H. They may have to sleep outside but we are so happy they are coming. Hyrum will also be home for about 4 whole week before he has to leave again. Whoohoo!! That always makes us happy.

Jonathan's vocabulary is amazing. I couldn't understand a word Hannah said until she was almost two but Jonathan has been talking since 13/14 months. He started off with balloon and bubble. Obviously those are important things to his sister. The other day, "Water, please" was distinguishable in his garbled toddler language. He is so fun. Everyday with him has been such a blessing.

Hannah is a blessing too for many different reasons. She helps me see what I need to change about who I am. She is so honest and helps me remember to "talk nice." She is growing up in so many ways. She loves learning and loves her little brother. Every night at bedtime her tongue goes crazy. She talks and talks and talks. It drives me nuts but I do really love to converse with her. She notices almost everything.

Hyrum is doing well. His job and school keeps him busy. I keep asking for dates and deadlines but he is patient with me and keeps working hard to get his Proposal finished and finally be an official doctoral candidate.

I have my hand in so many pots right now. I'm working on several sewing projects, I have a pretty big list of church stuff I have to do every week and I'm heading up a food committee for a church event in a couple weeks. I am really excited. I love event planning. It was so fun doing it at BYU and I am excited to be involved in a little way here. I will be teaching Hannah's preschool group again in a few weeks and that is a big challenge for me. The kids are great but, lecturing is not how you teach 3-4 year olds.

Life is kind to us and we are doing well.