Thursday, February 11, 2010

February's Block

This week I finished my first blocks. The February blocks are the bigger ones on the bottom. The top ones are filler blocks to make the quilt a little bigger. I did my February ones so I'm ready to go for March and once I get my January ones I'll get those done. It was fun. Tuesday Reianna and I got together to sew. We got started a bit late just because by the time we got together it was time to get dinner going. We had a lovely dinner of pizza and carrot sticks and then got right to work. It was an adventure between monitoring children and making sure we sewed straight lines. At the end of the night we had managed to get one block almost done and Hannah's bed frame was in the crib while the mattress was in my room to avoid jumping on the bed. Apparently something way too tempting for two three year olds and an 17 month old. It was fun and last night I finished up the other blocks. I am really excited and thinking that maybe some of my old piles of material will turn into a similar quilt while I'm at it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Block of the Month

Yesterday a friend and I signed up to do a Block of the Month quilt project through a local quilt store. I am really excited and I hope she is too. I love to make quilt tops. Actually quilting them can be a project but I love creating something that though someone might have the same fabrics you do, it will still be unique and all my creation. I am really excited and hopefully I can remember to post pictures of our blocks as I go through the year. Someday maybe I'll even have a finished quilt to display.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Brithday to . . . me!

On Monday I turned 26. Pretty crazy. I look at my life and really it's pretty much how I figured things would work out. Granted, I wasn't planning on living in Texas and having a husband still in grad school but I'll take it.

I spent my birthday cooking and doing some minor picking up. In Provo there is a fantastic little Mexican fast food place with a great vibe. It is always busy. A few years ago I got recipes copying a few of their signature items. Now I can have Cafe Rio anytime I want, so Sunday the pork and black beans went in to cook. By Monday we had lovely Pork Barbacoa, with black beans, cilantro rice and the creamy tomatillo dressing. Yum. We washed it down with a great Boston Cream Pie. I love good food so it was a great birthday meal.

Hyrum surprised me with a fancy diploma frame for my diploma. It's something that I wanted but would never have bought so that was a really great present. Now my diploma looks nice in its new home. We just have to get Hyrum some for his diplomas so they can all look nice and fancy together. Hannah gave me a little piggy bank to save my pennies in. And Jonathan just smiled a lot. It was a good day.

I am so grateful to have my family. I love Hyrum and the kids so much. The Lord has greatly blessed us with more things than we could ever define. I look forward to another year of adventures. Hopefully I can be wiser, not just older by this time next year.