Thursday, February 11, 2010

February's Block

This week I finished my first blocks. The February blocks are the bigger ones on the bottom. The top ones are filler blocks to make the quilt a little bigger. I did my February ones so I'm ready to go for March and once I get my January ones I'll get those done. It was fun. Tuesday Reianna and I got together to sew. We got started a bit late just because by the time we got together it was time to get dinner going. We had a lovely dinner of pizza and carrot sticks and then got right to work. It was an adventure between monitoring children and making sure we sewed straight lines. At the end of the night we had managed to get one block almost done and Hannah's bed frame was in the crib while the mattress was in my room to avoid jumping on the bed. Apparently something way too tempting for two three year olds and an 17 month old. It was fun and last night I finished up the other blocks. I am really excited and thinking that maybe some of my old piles of material will turn into a similar quilt while I'm at it.


Reianna said...

Your blocks look so great! I haven't done the churn blocks yet but this is way more fun then I expected.

Halley said...

So great Heather! I really need to buckle down and learn. I guess I have just been waiting for Jared to start working before I start another pricey hobby. :-) Good luck with everything!

ivygirao said...

Hi, Heather!
Here I am, following your blog!