Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Birthdays

We are alive and well in Pittsburgh, PA.  Things have been a bit crazy over the last month but the calm is coming just in time to be thrown into upheaval again with the holidays. 

Over the past month we have celebrated Hannah and Jonathan's birthdays.  We are so glad to have both of them in our lives. 

Hannah has grown up a lot in the past year.  She is a great older sister and really helps me out a lot.  She is my table setter, baby entertainer, piano playing oldest child.  She loves to hold Spencer for me and thankfully he likes it too.  She loves to play outside with Charlotte and Jonathan.  Hannah loves to read and has become quite good at it especially since a year ago she could hardly read at all.  I started teaching her piano this year and while it can be challenging, she is doing well.  We have rough days but we are learning to learn together.  I am so proud of her and her willingness to try something new and stick with it even though it can be hard. 

Jonathan is ever the same.  He grows up and as he grows he seems to find new reserves of energy and enthusiasm.  He can be so sweet and kind and other times he is the quintessential younger brother, teasing his sisters and tormenting them.  Jonathan still amazes me with his vocabulary and he so wants to go to school. I am hoping we find some good boys for him to play with soon.  He could use some males bonding.  Jonathan has started reading a bit as well and I can usually keep his attention for about 5 minutes before he loses interest and claims something is too hard.  He is growing up.  It's hard to believe he is 4. 

Happy birthday my little ones.  I am so glad to have both Hannah and Jonathan.  It is hard to imagine my life without them.  They each enrich our lives and fill a very special spot in our family. 

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