Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The End of an Era

When Hyrum and I got married, Hyrum brought with him a lovely red sedan.  It was the first car that included my name on the title.  It was a good car.  Cleitus took us all over the place, from Utah to Texas, to New York, various high points within driving distance of Texas and Utah.  It was our family car for 5 good years then with the pending arrival of Charlotte it became second fiddle to the blue van.

We still loved Cleitus and often remembered our adventures with him, including the "rest stop of doom" (must be spoken with an ominous tenor), not too far from where we now live.  Over the years, every time Cleitus needed a repair we would ask ourselves if it was really worth it and if the car would repay our diligent efforts to care for it with another several thousand miles of good service.  Each time, we won the bet. 

This winter however, I hit a pothole, really bad.  It bent the tire rim and while there was no structural damage, Cleitus just wasn't the same.  Our stalwart car was done in by a pothole.  At the end of March we decided it was time to trade Cleitus in for something more reliable and more fuel efficient since it was Hyrum's commuter car.  We bought a silver Honda Civic and look forward to putting it through it's paces. 

Cleitus will be missed but I'm glad I no longer worry about whether I'll get a phone call to pick Hyrum up from work because the car won't start. 

He was a good car.

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