Friday, November 21, 2014


So far November has been pretty tame.  We've spent the month close to home and I've been to lots of appointments; doctor, dentists, eyes, speech therapy for Spencer and church stuff.  I've been filling my freezer with things to eat after this baby gets here.  I've put so much in it I was worried we would have to get a turkey for Thanksgiving next week.  I've finished all my sewing projects and think it's time to start a new one. 

This was from our new stove but Hyrum thought it applicable for my growing belly.

Every night we go to bed hoping on one hand we don't have to go to the hospital in the middle of the night and on the other hand really hoping we do just because we are ready for this kid to get here.  The only thing we don't have for the baby is a name--#5 will do for a few days : )  I'm hoping I get to be home for Thanksgiving next week and look forward to seeing my parents for a couple days. 

There is the belly.
We've been busy but just normal life goodness like tears over practicing piano and doing chores, laughs over silly dad jokes and gearing up for Christmas songs and movies. 

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