Sunday, October 18, 2015

Speech and Spencer

Spencer started speech therapy just over a year ago.  He was evaluated and recommended for services in the Spring and then we started actual therapy last August.  The first couple of months didn't bring any change in his speech other than what I thought was normal for what was going on in our lives.  In October, we spent 7 days together as a family, four of them stuck in our car.  That trip helped him hear and learn so much.  He added several words to his vocabulary from that trip alone. 

Over the past year he has gone from kid who did a lot of grunting and pointing to a very articulate little boy who already knows so much.   It has been amazing to learn about speech and how my son works as the therapists and I have tried to unravel his speech.   According to our second therapist, most kids who have speech delays also have other developmental issues.  Spencer only had a speech delay which almost made it harder to work with him.  He's doing so much better though we continue to work on articulation.  I'm just glad I can have a conversation with my little boy.

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