Sunday, November 29, 2015

Maine or Bust--Katahdin

We spent the next night in New Hampshire and then the next day we went into Maine.  Our first Maine adventure was staying in primitive Baxter State Park in north/central Maine.  It was probably our most adventurous adventure thus far because the nearest town is 18 miles away, no garbage service, no running water, no bathrooms.  We were only people with small children anywhere near there.  We had dehydrated our food before going and borrowed a high capacity water filter from my parents.  I was a bit nervous about it but it was really a lot of fun.  It's amazing how great it can be to really unplug and enjoy nature.

Our main purpose for stopping in Baxter is that it is the home of the highest point in Maine.  Mount Katahdin is the highest point in Maine and the northern most point of the Appalachian Trail.  Hyrum, Hannah and Jonathan had been preparing for a couple of months to make the hike.  It was 11 miles round trip and took them 11 hours to complete.  Hannah and Jonathan were by far the youngest people on the mountain that day.  By all accounts, it was tough and really hard but the kids both agree it was awesome and the best part of the trip for them. 

Northeast trails, just go over it!

At the top

We did it!!

While they were hiking, the little kids and I decided to take a shorter hike around our campground.  I was hoping for a moose sighting and the kids were just looking for a good hike.  We walked to a lake and enjoyed the views then hiked further up the trail.  We hiked far enough that the kids were beginning to complain.  we enjoyed our lunch of beef jerky, dried pineapple, and sandwiches, then turned around and started back.  Near the lake we'd seen early on the hike there was a big rock.  When we first stopped, there were quite a few people, and a snake on the rock.   This time, we had it all to our selves.   We sat and enjoyed a few more snacks.  Just as I decided it was time to get back to camp I looked out to the lake.  There was a moose, enjoying her lunch.  We sat and watched her for a little while and then quietly headed back to the trail.  That just about made my day. (I have no pictures because the camera was with Hyrum and I left my phone in the car)

Enjoying the fire after a long day

Who's ready to hike?

The next day we did just a little bit of hiking since Hannah, Jonathan and Hyrum were still a bit worn out from their hike the day before.  It was really gorgeous and indescribable.  It really was a great place to spend a few days.

The Big Rock

Looking towards Katahdin

One foot in front of the other.

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