Wednesday, December 2, 2015

End of Summer Adventures

With the busyness of our summer, we came home and had a lot to catch up on.  There was canning to do, school supplies to buy, birthdays to celebrate and one more trip for the summer. 

Happy Birthda, Hannah.  I can't believe she's 9!

We did our school shopping and got ready to start school then, in time for Hannah's birthday, we headed to my parents.  Aunt Kallie was there and it made for a great birthday party.  The kids splashed in the creek, rode bikes, and made new friends. Hyrum, Kallie and I hauled water to the parched garden.   Hyrum left after a few days on the last trip of the summer and Kallie, mom and I, picked and canned beans and peaches.  It was great to spend a week with my parents working and playing.  It's funny how tasks I hated as a kid, namely weeding and snipping beans, is now something I look forward to.  I enjoy sitting in the garden or in the backyard with my mom, philosophizing and talking about life.  

Midway Park, nostalgic activity

Ice cream after working hard to pick peaches

The peach orchard

Some of the food Kallie, Mom and I canned from the garden and our peach picking.

While the kids and I played at my parents, Hyrum was hiking in the Central Cascades in Washington state with some college buddies.  They have always talked about going backpacking together on a "Man Trip" and finally after 10 years of talk it worked out.  Our dehydrator came in handy again for the guys food.

 The pictures from Hyrum's trip are amazing.  There were too many to choose from.  Hyrum had a great time and hopefully it doesn't take ten years to get together again. 

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