Monday, March 13, 2017

Sewing up a Storm

I love to sew.  I love making clothes and quilting.  I love putting colors together in beautiful ways. We've been doing a lot of sewing over the couple of months.  Hyrum, Hannah, Jonathan, Charlotte and I have all picked up our needles and thread or used the machine to create some "masterpieces".

Hyrum worked on his yearly textile project.  We filled three quilt blocks this year.  That's a record so far-one I'm ok letting stand for a while.  We only have one more row before we'll finish this quilt off.  We thought this would last us twenty years, we're only in 11 1/2 so far.

This is a pretty typical January Saturday--chores and sewing.

My mom and I have made the girls some clothes.  My mom helped Hannah with this skirt and then made Charlotte one too with the extra material.  I made Charlotte this cute dress.  The girls love to sew especially when Grandma is involved.

Grandma also brought material and showed Charlotte how to hand sew little pillows.  All of the kids have been at it, including Jonathan  They love going through my scrap drawer looking for the "perfect" fabric.  It started with pillows but now they have visions of purses and blankets.  who knows what they will create!

Along with Charlotte's dress, I made myself a dress--one day I'll post about that.  It was an experience.  I've also been working on a sampler quilt and another one I've had in the works for a bit.  I love the colors and though its tedious, I enjoy the time to do something I love.  I put the quilts away for the kids to choose from when they get married.  I'm hoping to have two for each of them. 

Sewing is a way of life for me since my girls are too tall and thin for most off the rack dresses.  Unfortunately, Charlotte hates jeans so I need to make her a bunch of jumpers and little dresses as she's grown out of those she has.  I'm thankful for my mom and her patience in teaching me to sew.  I didn't sew a lot of clothing as a teenager but at least I knew the basics and due to necessity, over the years I've learned to really love it.

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