Monday, January 12, 2009

Holiday Highlights

We spent the holidays up at my parents' house north of Dallas, along with my 5 other siblings and whatever spouses and children are attached to them. In all, it was a good couple of weeks to unwind and work on other things. Among the highlights:

  • I brought my bike up for the 2 weeks, and the weather was great, allowing me to get out and ride for a bit. Although the town has grown a lot since I lived here, the topography hasn't changed. It's still amazing though, how much shorter routes are now that I'm a few years older.

  • Attending the temple with Heather.

  • Christmas Day!

  • Playing Red Alert, which was recently released as freeware by EA, with my brothers.

  • Continuing our annual New Years tradition of going bowling as a family.

  • Going to the Dallas World Aquarium with Hannah and Jonathan. Jonathan wasn't too excited, but Hannah liked seeing all the different kinds of birds and fish and animals. (Thanks for the gift cards, Ian!)

  • The Subversion community finally released 1.5.5, and we're making great progress toward branching 1.6.x.

It was just a good time to unwind and prepare for the exciting year of 2009 ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Red Alert is freeware? Does it run on Linux? I don't remember whether or not I own a license, but I might just get back into it again.