Friday, October 30, 2009

A Brief Accounting of Our Week

Hyrum has been out of town for a week. He arrives home tonight, Hooray! Happily this is his last solo trip for a while. When Hyrum goes out of town it generally means terrible eating habits, a total disruption of our schedule and for the most part a lot of fun, though I never wish him gone. This week looked pretty busy as of last Friday when he left and I was hoping we would make it through.

By Sunday afternoon though, just about everything had cleared up nicely. Monday I had my last day of school to teach. That was a good experience but it has cured me of all desire to work outside my home for the time being. It is way hard to get four people, two of them little children, out of the door by 7:35 in the morning. Kudos to those of you who do. I picked the kids up in the rain and we just hung out and gave the apartment some tlc.

Tuesday, we did nothing. My kids and I didn't get out of our pjs until about 4:00 when we decided to see if any friends were at the park. It was a great day. I am working on a crazy project for the kids for Christmas this year and so I spent the entire day working on that. It was great.

Wednesday, we had a field trip for school. Hannah is in a little preschool with four of her friends. We, their moms teach and every six weeks we go on a little field trip. This particular trip was to the library. The kids were great about sitting for story time and Hannah was pretty excited to get her own library card.

We got home and while the kids ate I checked my email and found a wonderful thing. A friend had sent me an email about a place to take the kids to play with dress-ups, bounce house type things, paint, and all sorts of other things and I didn't have to pick it up. Best of all, Wednesday it was free. We grabbed a couple other kids and a mom with a van, I left Jonathan with a friend so he could nap and Hannah, Jarom, Ben, William, Reianna and I went to Jumpy Gym to play. The kids had a great time. When Hannah went to bed that night she slept like a log.

Yesterday we went to play group, had a friend over after that and then had some more friends over for dinner. Tonight we get to pick Hyrum up and see him again. We are all excited. We're glad to have him back. It's been a great week and now, I have to think about Halloween tomorrow. Hannah has decided not to be Superman or a bat--her most recent choice. We'll have to figure that out pretty quick.

Sorry there are no pictures but Hyrum took our camera to Germany. Have a Happy Halloween and a great weekend.

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Leah said...

Hi Heather and Hyrum! Chris and I hope you had a great trip to Germany-Chris will be going in March.
Hope you don't mind us stopping over here from Katerina's blog. It is great to see your happy family!
PS. Chris would love to know how far along you are on the PhD...