Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Times

We just got home from my parents house on Tuesday. We had a great visit with them and I didn't want to leave. I'll post more. Hyrum has our camera and all of the fun pictures we took.

We got home later on Tuesday night and I didn't get our clothes unpacked. Wednesday I did laundry and because of everything going on in our house I didn't get it folded either so, Thursday was the day.

We got up and I had Hannah help me pick up all the toys in the living room and their bedroom and then we vacuumed. This is always fun because Hannah runs and jumps on the couch. I think she is afraid she is going to get sucked into the vacuum. Jonathan follows me around curious about this noisy thing but kind of concerned that it might do him some harm. Pretty funny.

After the general clean up it was time to tackle the pile of clothes sitting on my bedroom floor. Folding laundry is pretty run of the mill, unless you have two kids vying for my attention. I put up the kid gate in my doorway so the kids couldn't get into Hyrum's bike and unfold the clothes I was folding. As I'm folding, Hannah comes to the doorway and this is the conversation we have:

Hannah: Mom, us in you room?
Mom: No, Hannah.
Hannah: (looking very perplexed) Why, no us you room, Mom?
Mom: I don't want Jonathan to get into the bike grease and the clothes.
Hannah: (her eyes lighting up) Hannah in you room, Mom.
Mom: Not right now, Hannah.

Where Hannah left off Jonathan started. He had been eating all morning and I finally told him it was time to wait for lunch. He knows where the snacks are though and can reach them so I put them up on the counter. The only problem is that they live on the same shelf as our cereal and crackers. As I folded the clothes Jonathan brought in every box of cereal and crackers in one by one and dropped them over the gate into my bedroom. It was pretty funny. He wasn't mad or upset he was just doing his best to communicate to me that he wanted to eat. It was a good moment just watching the two of them yesterday. I love them.

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