Friday, August 20, 2010

Hanging in there--a few random thoughts

We just got home from the in-laws. It's great that they live close enough to drop in for a few days. The kids love it and this time their cousins from Houston joined us. It was a good trip. It was good to get away for a few days, get to breathe, not have to worry about what we were eating for dinner and they had vanilla ice cream (I'm not eating chocolate again).

I am so thankful for family near by. I never thought that would be an issue but I will be sad if one day we are not within a few hours from some sort of family. I wish I could have been with my mom. I miss her so much but I am thankful that Lynette is wonderful. The Wrights are always happy to have us there.

The kids had a blast. They loved playing with their cousins in the water, and being entertained but their aunt, Rachel and uncle, Ian. Also, seeing grandma. They love being with her.

Now we're home and there are things to do. Tomorrow I have to unpack since I have a child sleeping in my room. Then there are all of the things we are getting ready to make room for the baby. Only 10 weeks left. I am so ready for her to get here.

My joints are really starting to ache and exercising is just not what I want to do. Give me some more vanilla ice cream and gingersnap cookies, my couch and a good chick flick and I would be really happy. Alas, to work we go. The kids are excited and I really just have to finish potty training Jonathan. He's doing great. It is such a better experience than it was with Hannah.

We have to re-arrange some furniture. We were hoping to move but recently found out that wasn't going to happen this semester so, we will wait until next semester and see what happens. I'm kind of relieved because it means I can get things ready now instead of waiting and waiting and then having to move the beginning of October.

I also have a few little sewing projects to finish up and then hopefully in about 8 or 9 weeks we'll get to have our baby. I'll be really put out if we have to wait the full 40 weeks or longer.

Anyway, life is good, it just keeps going and taking me along with it. I'm thankful for a loving and forgiving husband, loving and forgiving children and great friends and family.

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Melissa said...

I know you'll make it but it really is so hard!! I hope she comes early (but not too early)