Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fool's Day Delight

April Fool's Day is an interesting thing. Most people really don't seem to like it. I'm not into the pranking aspect of it because frankly they generally seem a little mean. I do however love to have fun with food.

We had a silly April Fool's Day Dinner with a bunch of our friends. It was pretty fun to see and hear everyone's reaction to their dinner. We had meatball sandwiches, cupcakes, fruit skewers, and cinnamon rolls, accompanied by berry sodas.

One of the kids was so disturbed when his succulent cinnamon rolls tasted like a cheesy beef roll up that he wouldn't eat anything else. We laughed as the kids tried to suck their berry sodas through the straws and it was fun to have fun with our friends.

My kids keep asking when we get to have a silly dinner again, I think it's just because they liked eating their dessert first.

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Marci said...

that is the best idea for april fools!